If you have been arrested and charged with a crime you need to hire a Tampa defense attorney as soon as possible. Criminal law is a specialized field of law and most criminal defense lawyers in private practice worked in the public defenders office or in the district attorney office. Attorneys who worked in the public defenders office or in the district attorneys office have a great deal of experience.

The internet makes finding a criminal lawyer to choose from easy. But you do not have to hire the first lawyer you find online instead examine each lawyer’s website and read about his or her background. A criminal defense lawyer does not have to have a background as a deputy district attorney or as a public defender to be a competent advocate. But it is important to hire a criminal lawyer with a lot of courtroom experience.

Look on the lawyer’s website and see if he has the expertise in the specific area of criminal law you need. DUI criminal lawyers handle cases where people have been accused of driving under the influence. Many lawyers specialize in this area of law while others specialize in other criminal offenses.

Look up a potential candidate’s information on the state bar association website using his name or bar number. The bar’s website provides useful information about each attorney admitted to the bar such as years in practice and disciplinary information. If an attorney has been suspended by the bar or disciplined that disciplinary information will be made available on the bar association website.

All lawyers have to complete a specific number of continuing legal education units each year in order to be eligible to practice law. Choose a criminal defense lawyer who is part of the criminal defense section of the bar association. Lawyers in the criminal defense section complete continuing education classes in criminal legal defense because they want to be up to date on the latest changes in criminal law and courtroom procedure.

Consider the professional manner of the law office staff when you call for information. The law office staff is an extension of the lawyer and should treat you with courtesy and politeness. If you feel as if you are not respected by the law office staff you should call another law office and find another lawyer to work with.

Criminal defense lawyers have to charge an hourly rate or a flat fee according to the rules of professional conduct. If a lawyer is well known, if he has a good reputation as an effective legal advocate, he will charge more for his services. People who are looking at jail time need to hire the best legal representation possible and that sometimes can be expensive.

Being charged with any type of criminal offense is a serious matter. It is important to find the right criminal defense lawyer to work with because your freedom depends on the competency of your legal representation. Lawyers who worked in the district attorney’s office or for the public defender have a great amount of courtroom experience and know how to win a case. Choose a lawyer who is up to date on all the latest criminal law changes and who is in good standing with the bar association.