The American political winds are constantly shifting. Our nation’s policies and laws change to the sway of a pendulum that will never stop in the middle of its motion. With an economy still in recovery and high unemployment rates, it is no surprise that policies such as immigration reform are facing an unknown trajectory in this stormy political climate.

A disconcerting amount of States are attempting to, or have already passed, an alarming number of anti-immigrant measures. This is simply a repetition of human history fueled by the agenda of politicians seeking reelection at the detriment of individuals being unfairly blamed for our country’s problems. Americans should view these pernicious and pervasive anti-immigrant bills as nothing more than “politics as usual.” Instead of adopting a misplaced fear of immigrants, Americans should question the motives of politicians who target immigrants with unconstitutional weapons skillfully disguised as protective armor for an “immigrant invasion” that simply does not exist.

Historically, politicians have targeted groups of people as the supposed causes for a variety of issues negatively impacting our country. These targeted groups generally lacked significant political clout and were minorities, as is the case with immigrants being used as “scape goats” through flawed political rhetoric that challenges our Constitution and the fabric of this Country. With a precarious economy and high unemployment rates, the timing is perfect for instilling unjustifiable fear and un-American sentiments toward immigrants.

Many American politicians are tenaciously trying to secure their jobs much like anyone else. The peculiar thing is that many politicians use different tactics than the rest of us to ensure job security. Politicians know what motivates the electorate: economics and fear, with a sprinkling of ideology. Immigrants are being erroneously blamed for the weakened economy where the real culprits comprise of overspending on Defense, Medicare, and Social Security. Any spending on government services for immigrants is negligible and has virtually no impact on the economy. Statistically, immigrants are the least likely group to be on welfare and are, likewise, less likely to take advantage of related social programs.

It is a misplaced fear that immigrants are the cause for the struggling economy. Unfortunately, many crafty politicians are using this fabricated fear to convince an uninformed electorate to vote for those that can “protect” them from this fear. This tactic is nothing new.

Unless politicians have a cause, they are irrelevant and, in turn, unelectable. Some causes are noble and help America move forward and change for the betterment of our people. On the other side of the pendulum are malevolent causes that fool Americans into supporting certain politicians.

When Americans see themselves as victims of unscrupulous political tactics that hurt their immigrant family members, friends, associates, and other immigrants that actually bolster our economy, the political winds will change and the pendulum of American politics will swing back to where it properly belongs; on the side of immigration reform. Many politicians will also learn a difficult lesson; that the Hispanic vote is important to their political survival. While some Hispanics may speak with an accent, they do not think with one. Hispanics are increasingly becoming the majority in our communities and their voices are growing increasingly louder.