You are the type pf person who cares a lot for each and every one of your friends. Without a doubt, what you want is to treat all of them as if they are your own brother or sister. That’s how you are with your old friends and that’s also how you treat your newer friends. When you treat your friends like that, there’s just so much that you are ready to do for them – it may be a small favor or major things that could serve to change their lives forever.

One of the best things that you can do for your friends is to prevent them from driving a car when they are drunk. That could very well turn out to be the single greatest and most important thing that you could for that particular friend, given what could happen if they are allowed to drive while drunk. It is surely something that is so important and so significant that it should be considered by everyone whenever there is an event where drinking is involved and people need to go home afterwards.

Even though your reason for stopping any of your friends from driving while under the influence of alcohol is because of your care for them, it is not going to be that easy. Surely, by then the alcohol has already taken its effect and your friend can no longer reason properly, and will likely insist that they are fine and still very much capable of driving. That’s when things get a little difficult, and you need to know the right things to do in such cases.

The steps that are enumerated below should help you in keeping a friend of yours from driving while drunk.

  • In case a friend of yours gets drunk and wants to drive home or anywhere else, then you have to be the one who’s in control of their keys. That’s one the best things that you can do, since without their car keys, there’s nothing that they can do with their vehicle. Of course it might require a little creativity on your part to secure the keys from there, but they are already drunk enough then that should be easy enough for you to accomplish. Any reason that you’ll give for them to give you the keys will most likely be effective and they’ll soon forget about it.
  • You have to prepare yourself because you definitely need to be more assertive than usual with your friend. Because of the effects of alcohol, your friend might throw some accusations at you, it could be that you are trying to ruin the fun or the moment, or you might also be accused of trying to manipulate or control them. What you should do is try to remain as calm and in control as possible. Being assertive while staying calm is the challenge for you, since you need to tell your friend over and over again not to go out and drive at that moment.
  • To make sure that your gets home safe and sound, then you can just drive him and the car home. This is an extension of having control of the car’s keys and if you want to then you could drive your friend home yourself so that you know that he gets there safely and that his vehicle also gets there in the proper shape.